Prepper’s Kit 101: All You Need to Know


Life is full of surprises.  Its unpredictability makes it more appalling for the many. For some people, these surprises are fatal. Like earthquakes, unexpected fires, floods and other extreme calamities that may kill you. If you are one of the so-called “preppers”, if you live your life preparing for the big one and big threats of your life this article is for you.


It’s a fight or flight situation.  Survival is needed, it’s sought after. The whole point of being a prepper is having all the necessary tools, equipment and survival gear to survive in the most impossible ones. Because a true survivor is not someone who is lucky, a survivor is someone that has been prepared even before the malady takes place. That is the point.


If you can’t put your wild thoughts off, have those thoughts diverted and on a more productive task instead. Getting prep up is a good example.  You need to fill your survival gear and be always ready any time of the day, week or year.


First, you begin with the list.  What are the necessary survival gears you need to survive even the most deadliest of situations?  List them all and prioritize the things that are mostly helpful in any context. Be sure to see more here!


Knife for example, should never be forgotten.  Some people can survive the entire wilderness but a knife on their hand.  With the right kind of knife, there are pretty much thing to be done and accomplished. All you have to do is look for the prepper’s knife to complete your survival gear.


Of course you’ll need things like backpacks and gas masks.  You need not just a simple backpack but the kind of bag that can endure extreme weather and can carry heavy duty materials.  You need to understand that being a prepper is all about surviving and survival. You need to have the things that will not slow you down but will help you to recover and survive any unimaginable and dire situations.  Start now!


If you are eager to be ready, you can visit different online sites that will help you complete your survival gear.  In addition to this, you can also read some tactics and standard safety measures to protect yourself and loves one from being killed.  It’s not being paranoid, it’s okay to fear the unknown sometimes and use the fear to make you equipped and well-trained. For further details regarding survival gear, go to

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